- A: Agustin – tlali: tierra (land), lengua Nahuatl.

Without further degree, title or curriculum (ridiculum) that of life itself.

Agustin Garcia Urbina, born in Mexico in the 70`S. Being more atracted by the street than by the school, stops at 22 years old the highschool. Before that, find hes first job at home, start working into a wood lamps business created by hes father. First contact with tools and a table work. At 28 years old, a car accident manipulated with the help of the well know mexicain corrupcion make`s hem responsable for the all domages and that will ends up with him, leaving the country for first time (to pay) and hes father to a personal fight with the authorities.

Now lives in Zwitzerland since 2000. In 2010 find for first time “hes first appt.” a home, a place that will become way more than that, a laboratory, an atelier, a stock, a room & kitchen, a bubble.

_ All albums* and works here presented are being realized from “waste” or second hand products. *- Exception the album: Made in China / Pimped by….
– Works in many cases are made from other works: appreciation, recuperation, transformation.
_ Not computers montages are ever done in any work: cutters, sissors, etc.